Guardian 1.3

November 10, 2018

1.3 Release Notes

Just three weeks ago (v1.2), we introduced new features that connect your projects together using cloud-driven rules. Now, we invite you to consider what the following new features can add to your firm's workflows. Check it out!

Adding new transactions to monitor

Control your user's experience with Guardian

You can now control what activities are monitored, such as 'Loading Family', Copy-Pasting and even actions from other 3rd party add-ins.

For each activity, you can choose between 2 new user experiences:

  • Silent mode (Users see no popup dialogs. Guardian will still process using any applicable stored rules.)
  • Allow users to map incoming properties without creating new rules.

Restrict or provide warnings to your users

Some users unknowingly wreak havoc.  You can now choose to restrict (with Admin password override) or provide a custom message when users:

  • Import or Explode CAD instances
  • Transfer Project Standards
  • Purge Unused elements
  • Model In-place families
  • ..and more!

Here's an example of what they'll see:

Password allows Administrators to bypass the warning

Other under-the-hood improvements

We tighten some nuts-and-bolts with every release.  In 1.3.0 you'll notice improved performance when loading content into projects and opening various dialogs, thanks to our new caching system for the cloud stored data.  We also added to the processing logic used when encountering properties.  Enjoy!