Guardian 2.3

October 17, 2020

2.3 Release Notes

Our largest release to date brings you the following:

Project Administrators

Add your project admins to Guardian; allowing greater flexibility, controls and notifications on individual projects.

We've added a new project administrator role that allows you to delegate individual projects to your project teams. These administrators handle the project related controls and oversight while company administrators manage the company defaults and identify training opportunities. All administrators can now be managed through the 'Administrators' tab.

We've also added new capabilities that allow you to customize an individual projects settings to allow more flexibility for larger companies. Administrators can be assigned to individual projects through the new settings dialog.

8x More Commands

Customize many more commands in your projects, including Hide Elements in View, Project Parameters, etc.

Guardian's ability to guide, in some cases prevent, the use of certain commands has been very popular. This release takes it much further by adding 74 additional commands that can be customized. The interface has been adjusted significantly to accommodate the additional commands.

Line Patterns

Line Patterns can now be identified as 'standard' and remain across your projects of any Revit version

In the last version, users got a taste for what Guardian  is all about with our support for Fill Patterns! This release brings Line Patterns into the mix - offering a new way to identify your standard line patterns.

UI Overhaul

Significant effort has gone into our largest UI overhaul to date. Project Properties opens ~5x faster & new columns show more usage and duplicate information.

Many underlying improvements make working with the Project Properties, and Incoming Properties dialogs much more powerful, intuitive and responsive. We've added columns to better compare information about each property type including usage and duplicate counts! These counts will appear dynamically as properties are scanned.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • Administrators may now duplicate mapping configurations.
  • The currently applied mapping configuration is now shown in the title bar of the Incoming Properties and Project Properties dialogs.
  • We've added several new filter options.
  • Improving the performance of all dialogs and scanning has been a focus in this release.

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release: