Guardian 1.4

January 30, 2019

1.4 Release Notes

We believe that the best software is easy to use but the hardest to create.  This release is a perfect example of that.  Guardian’s new Suggestions Framework uses behind-the-scenes data to make logical suggestions for certain actions.  In your quest for effective and enforced standards at your firm, we invite you to consider the substantial effect these new features will have on your processes!

Guardian making a mapping suggestion for a duplicate text type.

Ability to detect duplicate properties

If you have duplicate properties in your Revit projects, how would you know it?  Properties that are the same but have different names can cause confusion with users.  Guardian now automatically detects if the following properties are duplicates:

  • Family types
  • System family types (yes, all of them: Arrowhead styles, text, dimensions, wall types, etc.)
  • Line patterns
  • Fill patterns (yes, even complicated custom patterns)
  • Materials
  • View Templates
  • View Filters
  • … and more

This is all especially compelling because once a duplicate is identified, Guardian can use (at your direction) its robust ability to merge properties together.  It does this by seeking out all places the properties are applied (yes, even inside of family structures, regions, etc.) and changing out the values before removing unnecessary duplicates.  This powerful ability is manifest through the new Suggestions Framework and proactive prompts to your users.

New Suggestions Framework

Users of Guardian are already thrilled with the ability to see all incoming property types and map those together with existing properties(automatically remember those actions too!). We also know that the content we bring into our projects can bring MANY properties with them.  To help you make effective decisions, we’ve added Suggestions to the incoming properties dialog box:

Guardian will then present a series of dialogs to step through, each one providing valuable insight into the ‘DNA’ of the properties.

After exploding CAD, a matching text style is found for the new text style.

Besides properties being duplicates of each other, you will see other forms of suggestions appear here also.  We think you’ll REALLY appreciate the additional insight this provides.  We’ll be developing more suggestions as we go.

User prompts when duplicates are made or modified

Company admins will now see the following setting appear in Settings:

(Defaults to off. Enabling it for your users is optional)

When turned on, Guardian will then provide prompts when new properties are created that are duplicates.  Here’s an example of what they’ll see:

This feature is not just for NEW properties, but also modifications to existing ones as well.

Other features and improvements

There are many subtle improvements we made to Guardian.  This is an important release in terms of stability, performance and infrastructure.  These improvements include:

  • Patterns are now separated by Model and Drafting types.
  • The size and location of all re-sizable dialogs will now be remembered in your Revit session.
  • Additional insight to mapping behavior is available by clicking “Show More”.
  • When you are mapping properties, sometimes conflicts can exist in existing rules that you’ve set.  We’ve overhauled the dialog that you see in these cases to be more simple and informative.
  • Double clicking on list items will open the mapping dialog.
  • Improvements were made to the logic of registering projects.  Now, multiple companies can register Guardian on the same projects.
  • Our cloud services now have robust error logging.  We’ll now have valuable insight when errors arise and how to fix them.
  • Guardian is now smarter with an improved ‘knowledgebase’ of where properties can be stored.
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

We hope you like this release!  It’s sure to be a very exciting year for Guardian.  We invite you to jump aboard this thrilling journey with us!