Preview Image Generator V2.0.0

May 26, 2020

New Release!

It has been some time since we released a new version of the Preview Image Generator (P.I.G.). P.I.G. is literally actively being used by thousands of users - and we are always listening to feedback. Feedback has been light lately which says much about the stability and intuitiveness of the product.

Recently, we did end up adding the most requested feature! You can now override the appearance of an individual family.

Here is an example scenario:

You set your 'Doors' category to always appear in 'Front' elevation. However, when you run P.I.G. Batch on your files, you realize that your door hardware doesn't show clearly. This is because the hardware is set to the 'Doors' category. You can now click on 'Settings Overrides' and set the View to '3D View' - or something else that will show the hardware more clearly.

Other Improvements

  • Revit 2021 support
  • Show Category on each item in the output window
  • Added units for metric in the settings
  • Fixed an issue with the file path chooser not opening (isolated conflict with another app)


-P.I.G. Team