Guardian 2.5

July 10, 2021

2.5 Release Notes

It's been less than 3 months since our last release, version 2.4, where we added Family Mapping to your Revit experience. Since then, Guardian has automatically prevented thousands of duplicate families for our customers. We are delighted to continue this tradition of automating the mundane and preventing the risky with this latest release. In version 2.5, you'll find several new features that are completely unique and new to our industry. Check it out below!

Protected families

Users will often make unwanted modifications to families in projects. Sometimes, this is done by loading families from a library that have changed significantly from what’s already in the project. To overwrite them at a later stage of the project could mean unintended problems. More often, however, users experience project needs for families and attempt to make quick edits.

For any loadable family in your projects, you can now protect them from being overwritten. Users will see a Guardian dialog at the time of loading the families you’ve chosen to protect. This can be an excellent way to understand the nature of changes users are trying to make or prevent changes to your standard. Some might be great additions to the family that should be saved back to the library.

Mirror protections

Some families shouldn’t be mirrored! Either they represent actual products that are not available in a mirrored orientation or they shouldn’t be mirrored due to your standard (annotations) or specific functionality (fittings).

In some cases, mirroring a family that shouldn’t can result in extra costs when it comes to construction. Guardian now allows you to select families that shouldn’t be mirrored. When users attempt to mirror a selection that contains a protected family, they will receive an alert cautioning them. You have full control over the appearance of that dialog, as with other commands.

Prevent copying of in-place families

Guardian already allows you to caution users when they create in-place families. Now, you can simply enable this new feature to caution users when they are copying in-place family instances. When these are copied, Revit duplicates the family for each new instance which can quickly cause larger file sizes. When you have enabled the feature, the prompts will appear and you’ll receive extra information about the action.

Project-browser prompts when renaming

Guardian already has a very powerful mapping and rules engine that allows you to control your ever-evolving naming conventions. Those rules are applied either at the time non-standard properties enter projects or retroactively by admins in the Project Properties dialog.

This feature adds a logical step to your normal renaming workflows, which typically occur right from within the Revit project browser or the Type Properties dialog. As you rename families, family types and system family types, Guardian will simply ask if you want to remember that as a rule.

Additional insights for certain commands

Guardian allows administrators to customize different ‘modes’ of experience for 84 different Revit commands. These modes include Monitor, Guide and Prevent. Until now, we’ve been providing insight to each command such as who performed it, in which project, when and what their comment was (if set to Guide or Prevent)

Now, Guardian will be tracking additional information for a variety of different commands, allowing you to drill down into those actions that warrant extra investigation or ‘rolling it back’. This extra information includes elements selected before/after, active view info, etc., for the following commands (and many more)!

  • Model In-Place
  • Import CAD
  • Create Group
  • Hide elements in view
  • Linework overrides
  • Unpinning elements
  • Etc..

Other notable improvements & fixes

  1. Revit 2022 support
  2. Support for a new property type! Load Classifications can now be mapped, renamed, and usage scanned - all with our innovative rules engine.
  3. New home for all the fun, custom features we add. You'll love the new look of the 'Custom Interactions' tab in company/project settings.
  4. Added the scanning options to the right-click menu.
  5. New protection: Wall attach/detach buttons
  6. New protection: Edit profile
  7. New protection: Link (reload, reload from, unload, unload for all users, open and unload)
  8. New protection: Print

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release: