Guardian 2.1

December 15, 2019

2.1 Release Notes

Last August, we announced a set of bold new features as part of our 2.0 release. We added a notification system, ability to clean entire projects, weekly reports, pinning protection, and much more. Now, leading firms are using Guardian as their silent partner; always there, everywhere, to guide users into healthy activity and automate their standards.

We're building upon those features in a big way with this release. Check it out!

Guardian Backstage™

Go Backstage and access virtually all data that Guardian stores for your company.

Here are a few examples of how you can use this data:

  • See where ALL content is loaded from, including desktop and download folders.
  • Learn how often users are seeing and closing the Guardian command warnings.
  • Set up your own alerts when key standard properties are modified, like view templates, dimension styles or filters.

There are many uses for this data and it is completely YOURS to use. There is no additional cost for this service and we are very excited to learn how our customers use it. Many are excited to implement this data into their training programs.

You may use the data in your own dashboard system, utilize our template or consult with our team to create your own dashboard.

Settings allow direct access to your data!

New Mapping Behaviors

Our users have loved the simple way that Guardian creates and manages their mapping rules. These rules work seamlessly behind-the-scenes, removing properties or converting properties to your standard.

We've added some new abilities to make this even easier and more powerful, especially for larger teams.

  • Administrators will now see a prompt whether a decision should be remembered or performed 'this time only'.
  • Administrators can now allow properties to be allowed in their current form, even if a rule already exists.
  • New in-session menu options allow administrators to reset mappings and remove all mappings (without affecting saved rules)
Additions to mapping controls

Revision History for Mappings

You can now view an entire revision history for your rules. This is especially important for larger teams that have many administrators adding and modifying rules.

We've also added the ability to restore a rule back to a previous state, which creates a new revision.

View and control each rule's revision history

Other Key Improvements

  • Hyperlinks are now supported in the command warning dialog. You may now provide links to your training documentation for specific actions, like model-in-place, at the perfect time: when users are trying to do those actions.
  • Group Creation has been added to the list of commands that you can customize. There are many best-practices related to groups in Revit. Now you can make sure your users follow them!
  • The activity feed (on Project Properties) now loads dynamically. The more you scroll, the more it will load.
  • Improvements to the logic for exporting and saving families. Now, it is only truly those families that experienced a change that will be saved.
  • Massive performance improvements in processing properties in 'Project Properties'.
Hyperlinks allow contextual training "in the moment"

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release: