Automate your consistency.

Use manufacturer content safely

See all new incoming properties, including shared parameters, materials, patterns, subcategories and more!

Map any property into existing project properties or remove them.

NEW: Suggestions provide data-driven insight into logical mappings such as duplicate properties.

Works when loading families, copy-pasting anything between projects, even exploding CAD!

"I use it and love how it makes sure I don't bring stuff along that I didn't intend. I don't have to spend considerable time figuring out where rouge elements came from."

Carlo Licea, BIM Manager @ Boulder Associates Architects

Connect your projects.
Enforce your standard.

As you or others make decisions, Guardian stores these in the cloud into "mapping configurations".

NEW: Connect projects together by assigning common mapping configurations.

If same properties are discovered, Guardian automatically enforces the decisions you made previously.

NEW: Restrict or warn upon certain user actions such as exploding CAD or purge unused.

"I knew Guardian was good, but when you run it through your entire library you can really appreciate the standardization it provides!"

Mitchell Axisa, BIM Manager @ nettletontribe

Align your library with your template.

As you bring content into your template, map your incoming properties.

Guardian converts buried values to new properties, even through nested family structures.

Bring your content into pure harmony with your template using 'Save changes to files'

Rest easy knowing users can use old versions of content and Guardian will clean it!

“The tool I've always dreamed about is here! I completed 2 weeks work in hours. It's absolutely amazing.”

Chris Shafer, Digital Design Leader @ HDR Inc.


Unwanted properties kept out of projects


Properties converted to firm standards


Protected projects


Win more projects with Guardian!

Win more projects with Guardian!

October 5, 2018

Guardian provides a first-of-its-kind ability to transform content on the fly. You'll be surprised what this can mean for your business!

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Webinar: Guard your projects!

February 21, 2019

With Guardian, your Revit projects connect via the cloud, enforcing self-learning rules and user behaviors. Learn how, in 5 minutes, you can set Guardian up to automate your consistency!

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Guardian V2.0.0

July 29, 2019

Existing project deep cleaning, email notifications, instant reporting of where properties came from, and much more!

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Connect your projects in the cloud

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"The support is absolutely outstanding, just to add to the icing!" - Will Gow, BIM Manager @ DesingInc Sydney

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