Guardian 2.2

May 26, 2020

2.2 Release Notes

For those who have followed Guardian since the beginning, there's a real sense that we're building something very unique. We often hear "I can see where you're going with this!". We couldn't be more excited about our vision for the future and this release represents an important part of that vision. We'll take a second to remind you of our major features:

Version 1:

  • Clean properties as they enter projects.
  • Save families back to library properties are cleaned
  • Cloud rules store your decisions and enforce those across your firm
  • Naturally understands and prevents duplicate properties
  • Connect projects together with common rule sets
  • Guide users through potentially risky commands like 'Explode CAD'

Version 2 already has:

  • Deep clean existing projects with cloud rules
  • Activity history shows all Added, Modified and Deleted properties
  • Protect key elements from moving or getting deleted
  • Notification system alerts administrators and sends weekly reports
  • Guardian Backstage allows deep insights into your standard and user behaviors

We'd invite you to review what we've added to this newest release and see if you, too, can see where we're going! The time to join us is NOW if you want to be a part of shaping Guardian!

Guardian Sync™

Guardian Sync™ is a new service that allows you to store and access your standard properties in the Cloud. This allows you to TRULY keep those properties synchronized across your projects in a natural way that you control. This release is laying the foundation for the entire system.

  • Sync™, properties are Revit version free. No more upgrading or duplicating for each release.
  • Sync™, properties are lightweight and can update in your projects very fast.
  • When you tell one Sync™ property to merge to another, that becomes a rule.

Today, you can try out Guardian Sync™ with our first supported property type: Fill Patterns (described below). We look forward to continued feedback.

This shows differences found between project & cloud

An example workflow is as follows:

Open your template and upload your Fill Patterns. In the process, Guardian marks those as 'Keep Synchronized'. Projects that are created from the template will also maintain a connection to the cloud source. Guardian will notify administrators if there is a property that no longer matches the Sync property in the cloud.

Fill Pattern Browser

We're excited to announce that you can now upload ALL of your fill patterns into the Guardian Sync™ service. Typically, maintaining a library of patterns has been challenging for firms as patterns are naturally confined to individual projects. Strategies have varied but it usually involves a time-consuming process of importing pattern .pat files or 'Transfer Project Standards' from another project.

With Guardian, administrators can instantly upload patterns and those are immediately available to your users. Your users will appreciate that they no longer have to open up 'container projects', transfer project standards and hope they didn't bring in dozens of unwanted patterns.

Access ALL of your fill patterns in one place

There are some other interesting capabilities included:

  • When uploading patterns, you choose 'Metric', 'Imperial', or 'Generic'. Guardian automatically filters incompatible patterns based on each projects Units.
  • By default, users will only see those patterns that are not already in the project.

New Auto-Registration Rules

One of our most common requests was to allow normal users to register projects. We're now allowing you to choose whether auto-registration applies when users open or create projects. We also took things a step further and gave you the ability to apply rules for auto-registration based on location and filename.

Choose to auto-register projects when USERS open/create them

If you do NOT want detached models registered, you can now control that. Similarly, if you only want BIM 360 projects registered, you can control that with the location filter.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • Activity history on 'Project Properties' now pulls in items dynamically for faster loading performance.
  • In rare cases, the first dialog that appears after loading content would appear blank. This has been fixed.
  • Anywhere Fill Patterns are shown, we now show a preview image.
  • The scanning process after clicking 'Review Changes' was occasionally getting held up. This has been fixed. Performance continues to be an area we focus on.
  • Scanning of View Templates for usage is now stable.
  • Revit 2021 Support

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release: