Guardian 2.6

June 8, 2022

2.6 Release Notes

Our largest release to date brings you many new bold capabilities! Check it out:

New Workset Manager!

Workset Manager

The Workset Manager is a BIM manager’s dream! The Workset Manager addresses two distinct limitations of Worksets; Consistent creation & naming of Worksets and the assignment of placed elements onto the correct Worksets.

  • You can now create Workset “Sets” for your users to pick from as they enable worksharing or after the fact.
  • To address assignment of elements onto the correct Workset, you can create rules-based automation for elements to be assigned to your pre-defined Worksets!

You can also "Set Active Workset" to prompt users to select the active Workset when projects are opened!

Parameter Prompts

When an element is placed, most users do not populate the necessary instance parameter data. Teams can lose an extensive amount of time having to go back after the fact to populate these instance parameters data. The new Parameter Prompt tool will help you to drastically reduce that time by prompting users to fill in values for pre-specified instance parameters at the moment of placement. This tool can be used to specify project parameters, built-in parameters, and family parameters. This gives a lot of flexibility to make this tool work for you! In addition, the parameters to be prompted can be further customized at the project level.

Shared Parameter Mapping

It’s quite common for Shared Parameters from various sources to show up in your project models, preventing your project schedules from being populated with the correct data. Guardian addresses this issue by now allowing you to map these Shared Parameters to those already in your project. Even when the Shared Parameter is embedded into a formula or has a formula assigned, Guardian will make all the necessary updates to keep the formulas intact.

Delete Confirmation

When users delete individual modeled elements, they are usually unaware of the dependent elements that will also be deleted in the process. In addition, users have been conditioned to ignore Revit warnings altogether. Guardian’s Delete Confirmation will not only show all the dependent elements that will be deleted but will allow users to ‘Show in Project’ these elements before continuing the delete command. This helps to ensure users are fully aware of everything being deleted prior to completing the delete command. Before and after screen shots will be provided via email to the Project Administrator and within Guardian Backstage.

Viewport Selection

Controlling viewport types is difficult at best. With viewport selection you can now pre-assign your firm’s viewport types to specific view types. When views are placed on sheets, the correct viewport type is automatically applied. The viewport assignment can be further customized at the project level.

Approved Content Sources

You may have curated the perfect content library for your firm, but you cannot prevent your users from going into their own stash and using their favorite families. Using self-created rules, you customize how Guardian handles incoming content from approved and non-approved sources. Guardian will caution, even prevent, users when trying to import content from any non-approved sources. You can even suppress Guardian from processing families all together if users place content from your firm’s approved libraries!

Rich Text Formatting

Rich text formatting was added to all message sections for Guardian Guide/Prevent and protection prompts

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

Added commands:

  • Command: Wall Opening
  • Command: Drag Elements on Selection
  • Insert: Get Autodesk Content
  • Insert: Insert 2D Elements from File
  • Insert: Insert Views from File
  • Insert: Load as Group
  • Insert: Load Autodesk Family
  • Insert: Load Family

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release: