Guardian 2.7

June 8, 2022

2.7 Release Notes

These updates will help to provide a more focused approach on the Guide messages to ensure they are seen by the users that need them the most while not getting in the way of those who don’t. Changes were also made to the UI and some settings to make the workflow around project registration and settings easier. Come see for yourself!

New Frequency Settings!

Command Frequency Settings

The Command Frequency feature will allow admins and users to set their desired frequency at which the Guide or Prevent dialogs pop up for specified commands. This will be especially helpful for high-frequency commands, such as ‘Hide elements in view’; allowing admins to more gently remind users occasionally, rather than every time.

Allowing the users to choose their own command frequency can greatly improve the end-user experience as they will feel more in control of their own learning progress for certain commands.

User Overrides

The user overrides feature not only gives your users the freedom to specify their desired frequency setting but also allows the admins to overwrite those changes. Administrators can view all user overrides for all commands in the ‘User Overrides’ dialog. Administrators can change these preferences, essentially customizing the approach on a per-user basis based on skill level, etc.

One-time Passwords

Commands can be set to Prevent which helps to keep certain commands from being utilized. However, when some of those commands are necessary it can be problematic to share the company or project password that can be used to bypass any commands set to Prevent. The One Time Password allows admins to generate a temporary password to allow a user one-time use of a prevented action.

Advanced Group Protection

This feature is an additional asset to the ‘Command: Create Group’ protection within ‘User Commands’. This expands on protecting groups by specifying certain elements that are to be prohibited from being placed in groups.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • Added new rule condition types in the workset manager: Filename, Family name, Family Type.
  • Added new ability to choose which worksets get written into projects when worksharing is enabled.
  • Added a new button to the ribbon for registering projects and accessing project settings.
  • Added Command: Export to CAD formats
  • Added Command: Save as project
  • Added Command: Import Image
  • Added Command: Import PDF
  • Added Revit 2023 support

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release: