Convert your entire library today

Process your entire library while you're at lunch

Options to export high resolution images.

Upgrade library in the process (optional).

Automatically regenerates the thumbnail anytime you save your families.

“I have been able to quickly process thousands of families and the improvement of productivity and quality of the projects that are modeled increases considerably. 100% Recommended”

Carlos Jurado, Director of BIM Management @ SUMA

Control visual settings by category

Settings are automatically saved to your company cloud account for all users.

Users save time by being able to quickly identify, by category, the right object.

Allows easy curation / quality checks across all files.

“My previews now have a consistent look and the users are happy. This will save them time. About the best bang for your buck to keep BIM users happy in your company.”

Steve Bennett, BIM Manager @ Taylor Design

Hide unnecessary elements

Enable view settings such as gradient backgrounds, anti-aliasing, preview visibility.

Hide reference planes, voids, host elements, system connectors and much more!

“Add-in pays for itself in the first use. The batch process is amazingly fast and gets your entire library of previews cleaned up and standardized for visual appearance.”

Brian Lindholm, VDC Manager @ Streimer Sheet Metal Works


Beautiful & consistent preview images created


Win more projects with Guardian!

Win more projects with Guardian!

October 5, 2018

Guardian provides a first-of-its-kind ability to transform content on the fly. You'll be surprised what this can mean for your business!

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Beyond Guardian: The vulnerability and value of the BIM manager (Part II)

July 12, 2021

Improve and fortify your current BIM management practices as you join us for Beyond Guardian; the vulnerability and value of the BIM manager (Part II).

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Preview Image Generator V2.2.2

August 8, 2023

You can now customize gradient background settings! Several other improvements and bug fixes are included.

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ROI in under 5 minutes. Guaranteed.

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