Win more projects with Guardian!

October 5, 2018

"At first glance..."

At first glance, Guardian may appear to be just how we market it: A firewall for foreign properties entering your projects. But if you take a closer look at your firm's workflows and what Guardian has to offer, you may be surprised at the opportunity.

This is rooted in the inherent capabilities, which are: maps foreign properties to those existing in projects AND at a context-important time. When content is added to projects, it is the individual who performed this action that has the most context for what that object is needed to do in the project. This individual is, therefore, best suited to choose what should happen to the properties. Furthermore, since this is done inside the confines of projects, it's clear that one 'piece of content' can still reside untouched, while becoming something that fits the individual needs of projects.

With Guardian employed, sub-consultants can safely utilize their own libraries inside the domain of a project that is being managed by the architect or owner. They can do this without impacting the overall appearances and standards of the project.

Firms are starting to realize the benefit and value of this to owners and architects. So much so, that many of them are beginning to use their use of Guardian as a selling point to win more projects. The advantage is that not all firms on a project are required to utilize Guardian (although this would be optimal).

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